Vino Tec

Wine merchants and Wholesalers

VINO-TEC is a wine trading and wholesaler company.
Our goals : promotion and development of the French Great South wines as well as wines coming from the New World (Argentina, Chile, …)
VINO-TEC is present in the market mainly as wholesaler for the medium and large- scale distribution either alone or through its associates strictly nominated and constantly supported. It offers its wines combining clients’ personality and their commercial aspirations.

Origins: a producer’s project and an approach to the markets

VINO-TEC was born as a result of the consensus between producers and merchants about service improvement. The project involved approaching the consumer beforehand so as to profit from the information available more efficiently, thus, making a more pliable offer able to be adapted to each and every market demand.
VINO-TEC together with producers and merchants and backed by the strength and spirit of more than ten years of experience in the wine market, decided to join all our competences for the benefit of each one.
Our strategy : to create strong links between clients and suppliers contributing with all our competences and the necessary flexibility in order to satisfy consumers’ needs.


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