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Négociant and Vendor of Wines in bulk

VINOTEC is constantly expanding its knowledge of wine growing and négociant in order to suggest wines that will meet your specific requirements.

The role of Negociant is essential in the complex process of bringing wine to market.

The responsibility of the Négociant is to oversee the entire process from selection of wines in the vineyards, to coordinating with the wine growers and associate wineries in order to establish long term commercial relationships. An additional and critical responsibility is to coordinate the selection of specific wines to match regional consumer preferences.

Our knowledge of wine growing allows us to evaluate in depth the different terroirs and environments. Our knowledge as négociant assures long term bonds with the viticulturist, so that we can monitor the growing wines and establish a fair value.

We guarantee our stock of grapes and young wines, will be given sufficient time to develop superior quality.

VINO-TEC France and its subsidiaries Spanish and Argentine are constantly searching for quality wines, with their teams of specialists.

VINO-TEC focuses on research in order to buy wines (bottled or bulk),of the best quality and price as determined by the client to assure the best value available.

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